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We are an AI assisted platform supporting the transfer and retention of knowledge through training and competency in laboratories.


Achieve traceable evidence of compliance

Searching for evidence of compliance during an inspection or audit could add pressure to an already stressful process. The Proficient Lab's solutions to achieve traceable evidence of compliance ensures easy documentation in a state-of-the-art platform that flows with the way you work.

Save time

Lab leaders have a lot of priorities to manage and are pulled in many directions at the same time. Eliminating as many manual processes as possible from your training and competency strategy frees up your time so you can give training and competency assessments the priority it deserves.

Customize your training and competency plan

Not having a teachable and repeatable training and competency plan could disrupt your lab and exposes it to inconsistencies.  With an actionable training and competency plan  all laboratory personnel receive the same level of training and have the necessary skills to perform their job duties consistently.

What our users are saying

The Proficient Lab has made compliance very straight forward. Logging in to see exactly where I left off without having to sort through paper is a huge plus.
M.Moscoso, MLS
This App is a game changer! Training and Competency are the areas most cited as deficit during inspections. Once you abandon pen and paper and clipboards and filing cabinets - these relics of the past - you won’t want to go back!
M.Alikani, PhD, HCLD
As a new supervisor, I'm very grateful that a clear plan with instructions for how everyone should be assessed is available. It makes it easy to ensure that I assess my team in the same way my director would.
D.Garret, MLS (ASCP)